William Schneider, LAADC-CA, ICADC

(LAADC-CA # LCi04830317)

I have over thirteen years’ experience working in non-profit, private and medication-assisted substance abuse recovery field. I am Licensed and Certified through, California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP).

This is not a check off the box traditional modality of treatment. I do not run max capacity “group sessions” with the intention of filling seats for nine hours a week. Instead, I use a person-centered approach that focuses on the client and the client’s needs. This may include, and likely will, family involvement. This approach gives time, attunement, and grace to meet the client in their narrative. ​I will not put a client in a stereotyping box, understanding that every individual and every family is unique, and ought not to be shamed nor judged.

I know from personal experience that addiction doesn’t just affect one area in a person’s life but that it affects multiple areas. I offer support where we explore those areas and help with guiding the individual in tapping into their inner strengths and applying them to their recovery goals.

I utilize many different treatment approaches including CBT, Solution Focused, Motivation interviewing and DBT therapies.  All the theories I utilize have a “Reality” therapy base.  I offer support as well as empathy for the strength to move forward into recovery.